Optical navigation systems use reflectors to determine the position of the surgical handpiece and the patient. For this purpose, the reflectors are mounted to the handpiece and the jaw by using so-called trackers. Based on this technology, modern navigation systems achieve a precision of 0.2mm.


RoboDent’s autoclavable 5.0mm Micro-Sphere-Reflectors are the smallest for navigation worldwide. At the same time, the Micro-Sphere-Reflectors offer optimal measurement accuracy. Each RoboDent system checks the instrument accuracy several times per second. The 10mm Sphere-Reflectors show the same advantages.

Acknowledging that an implantologist’s personal handpiece is his optimal tool, RoboDent upgrades virtually every handpiece with titanium- or PEEK-trackers for navigation purposes. RoboDent reflectors and trackers are available for surgical units (drill and milling cutter) as well as for bone-laser.