For implantological practices as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery
centers, a very precise but at the same time small, light and modular
navigation system has been developed. The system matches the clinical
and ergonomic requirements of the team in the operating theater.

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The RoboDent NaviPanel features a detachable Panel-PC with Touch-Screen,
which is mounted to a detachable CD docking station. In addition to displaying
images and navigation on the Panel-PC, any large scale VGA monitor can be
connected and used simultaneously. Optimal instrument tracking is achieved
by an NDI Polaris Vicra camera, which is especially suited for low distances
between camera and Situs, together with autoclavable 5mm Micro-Sphere-
Trackers. The RoboDent planning software has been continually refined
over the past 7 years, relying on the experience of hundreds of users.